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Biologika Organ Atlas (angol)

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At first glance, the Biologika Organ Atlas appears to be an interesting, colourful, illustrated, text-rich anatomy atlas. Then you realise it’s not a standard book at all, but a special combined handbook of alteration-science – in which you find the important, selected information, regarding natural alterations. And a lot of information.

Description: Roberto Barnai: BIOLOGIKA ORGAN ATLAS (2021, 1. english publication) – book (25x29cm, the book is sewn bound, the cover is thick, hard and folied). Presentation and theaching material of seminars in the topics of BIOLOGIKA, New Medicine, physiology, alteration-science, which is sized in approx. A4 in landscape, printed on matte paper with matte paint, in 158 printed pages. Because of the agenda-quality book-bounding, the atlas is durable and lasts longer. A gift for life. The english, german and hungarian book versions of 2021 are totally identical. Note: The book prices and delivery costs can be different according to country and distributon partner. Here are these price and quantity discounts valid.

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The Biologika Organ Atlas presents simply and logically, how the so-called natural alterations work.

Do you know anything else, which is a more interesting, noble, useful, valuable knowledge, than the knowledge,
how our body, our organs and the possible natural alterations of the organs (the diseases) function?
Biologika Szerv Atlasz angol

In this book you find the deciphering, the description, the open secret of diseases and cancer.
This is not a secret since 40 years, thanks to Dr. Hamer. Everybody can already know this knowledge,
it is available, accessible for everybody. In the past, we totally misunderstood the natural alterations,
we thought, that they were abnormal, patho-logical, even malignant. Since we do not need these
biological special-programs in a normal, balanced state, they are inactive, do not run. But, if
a human (or animal) suffers a biological conflict (a real, serious emotional stress or trauma),
then the brain automatically starts these special-programs and we see

tumor-growth or tissue-reduction. If the conflict is resolved,
the adaptation process stops and the inflammation comes. During the inflammation,
the tumors are degraded or the tissue-loss is regenerated, rebuilt.
How the natural alterations (illnesses, diseases) work, is much more simple,
than we ever thought! It is so simple, that it can be written down,
summarized in a single book (like in this one for example).

The Biologika Organ Atlas is similar to a conventional anatomic atlas,
but it has another structure and another content.

It presents the:

– tissue-type, construction, localization, structure, the biological function of the given organ/organ part,
– possible biological answer-reaction, the possible natural alteration of the organ/organ part,
– emotional conflict-content, which is programmed to the organ-part and can activate an alteration,
– symptoms of the conflict-active-phase, with the disease names, which can be diagnosed there,
– symptoms of the conflict-after-phase, with the usual disease names and other detailed descriptions,
– what can happen in the phases or which inconvenience/dangers can occur in the given case.

Also the brain is an organ and if two-sided brain-lesions come
about, then the mental disorders appear. The organ atlas presents
also the behavior changes and mood changes, which we can activate with
double conflict-activities. You will find in this book the description
of the function of stultification, heartlessness, value judgment
disorders, schizophrenia, mania, depression and some compulsive behaviors.
This Biologika Organ Atlas is the official, complete teaching material of the Biologika Seminars.

„Please do not wait until you are forced by pains to study this topic. Prevention is always better,
more pleasant and in this way one suffers significantly less or not at all.” /Dr. Andrea Herczeg/

Biologika Szerv Atlasz angol, szerző Barnai Roberto
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